PHP process crash

We experience PHP process crash and believe that the reason is SQL Server driver. The driver is used for Drupal 7 installation and the only way to reproduce it is to issue massive parallel requests...

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memory exception when calling sql_next_result

SQL serer library: php_sqlsrv.dll, version 3 PHP: 5.4 & 5.5 Hi, When calling sql_next_result we get a memory exception. The exception is caused by the code in sqlsrv_error* odbc_get_diag_r...

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sqlsrv_has_rows() doesn't roll back statement cursor correctly

Hi, sqlsrv_has_rows() function seems to interfere with the statement cursor position; assuming to work with an SQL statement wich retrieves a single record (e.g.: SELECT myField FROM myTable WHERE ...

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Error calling sqlsrv_fetch

Hi. When I call sqlsrv_fetch($stmt, SQLSRV_SCROLL_ABSOLUTE, 5) I got the error [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0]Fetch type out of rang .

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Binary data not returned when column data or column bound by name

Hi, When using the PDO php driver (v3) with the adventureworks sample db and either you add the following code to the sample (pdo_photo.php): 1) $stmt->execute(array(&$_GET['productId'])); ...

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Domain user problem

Hey guys, I'm testing your extension and I found this: When I try to connect using a domain user account (DOMAIN\USER) it says it can't connect "access denied" even when the user has admin righ...

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PHP 5.5 & VC11 Support

The current version 3.0.1 does not support use with the newly released PHP 5.5 binaries for Windows. The new version of PHP is now compiled against VC11 instead of the previous VC10 and the code c...

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SQL Server 2008 R2 and PHP MSSQL

Greetings, I hope someone can help me about my issue : i have a SQL Server on the network, and i want to establish a connection from my Website. But i receive all time this error : Warning: m...

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Cannot use transactions if there are any open recordsets

It seems that SQL Server does not allow more than one recordset to be opened at the same time. So any code doing the something like this will fail: open recordset open recordset To solve that l...

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Cannot backup a database and retrieve multiple results in one statement

In our application, we need to be able to backup a database from PHP and also retrieve data from SELECTs in the same statement. Actually, we run all this code in a Stored Procedure in SQL Server 20...

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